A ‘Mediterranean’ Family Garden

The Brief

My client had recently extended to the rear of their property and the view of their established garden was altered by the resulting layout. The building work had destroyed the garden closest to the house and they had removed a rockery that had never thrived on the steep level change. They wanted to give the garden continuity by rethinking the areas affected by the extension and by linking the unused side returns, existing pond and hedgerow to the main garden. The family wanted to use their garden to sit, relax and entertain and requested that a new terrace was incorporated into my design. They are keen gardeners who prefer manicured gardens but with decreasing amount of time on their hands their new plot had to be low maintenance.

My Design

I designed an inviting, stylish Mediterranean terrace and garden using warm materials, bright plants, white walls, containers and moving water. The two levels of the garden have been made into a feature and are separated by a retaining wall, which is rendered and whitewashed to reflect light onto the new stone terrace and act as a foil to the Mediterranean style planting. The terrace continues around the property, linking either side of the house and creating a large welcoming dining area that catches the sun. Two new flights of stone steps lead from the terrace to the top level that has been laid to lawn. Beds full of colourful plants surround the lawn and large containers with tender figs, citrus and olives are located in sheltered positions to compliment the Mediterranean theme.

A water feature creates relaxing sound and acts as a focal point from the kitchen window, while beds beneath the windows hold scented shrubs that mask pipes and soften the view of the property. Wall pots with bright red pelargoniums break up large expanses of wall and a trellis panel screens the utility area. Two levels of raised beds now accommodate the hedgerow and ferns and shade-loving plants are interspersed with stones that lead to the pond area.

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