A Family Garden Near Winchester

The Brief

My client wanted to create a beautiful and practical front garden for their detached family house in South Wonston. Their existing lawn was patchy and marred by the roots of a previously felled Field Maple tree and by two paths, neither of which followed the most walked route. They hoped to add colour and texture to their garden, improve access and to soften the bare brick walls of the house but needed the garden to be low maintenance. They also wanted to create a haven for local wildlife that their children could enjoy.

My Design

A meandering gravel path leads the eye across the garden, making it appear larger as well as offering a direct route from the drive to the front door. The soil has been improved using well-rotted manure and the lawn is replaced by an abundance of colourful, textural plants chosen for their attractiveness to bees and birds and their ability to thrive on shallow chalk soil without too much maintenance.

The planting scheme gives year round interest using a palette of purples, pinks and greens with splashes of white and climbers and wall shrubs now clothe the house walls. My design hides the view of parked cars on the drive from the sitting room window using an open screen of spirals supporting colourful, scented climbers like honeysuckle and clematis.

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