New Blog – Baldwin Botanica – coming soon

It’s been a while in the making! After months (years!) of writing about and photographing nature & gardens on social media, I’m harnessing myself to write in a fuller way in a blog format. All those lovely extra seasonal details, tips and indeed images that I can share with you!

There’s so much out there that I find inspiring-be it in the natural world or in our more cultivated gardens; the seasons, beautiful places, great writing, clever minds, other talented creative people and lots of stuff on social media if you look in the right places.

And lots of it will come from me, my thoughts, experiences, feelings, the places I’ve explored and the stuff that I’ve learned during 15 years as a garden designer, 30 plus years as a gardener and a lifetime of being happy outside.

I think it’s hugely important for people to appreciate Nature and its beauty if they are going to be motivated to look after it. But I won’t be press ganging anyone. They’ll be no politics or religion in my blog, no bullying and no misleading – there’s too much of that going on out there anyway!

What I hope you will find it, is interesting and entertaining – not too serious, because laughing is up there as one of my favourite things.

It’s very nearly ready so please watch my social media accounts or here for further details.

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